The Combat Knife is a weapon in the Resident Evil 2 prototype.[1]


The knife is held in a sheath on the player character's body. The weapon is accessed via the "Standard Arms" section of the game menu. It uses its own item slot.[1]

The Combat Knife deals considerable damage to zombies. After taking sufficient damage to the legs, zombies will collapse, allowing the player to attack their downed bodies.[1]


  • Leon Scott Kennedy has the Combat Knife upon starting the game, as a part of his standard uniform equipment.[1]
  • Elza Walker starts the game without the knife. She obtains it after equipping the R.P.D. or U.S.S. armor upgrades.[2][note 1]


The knife is one of the few weapons in the November 1996 build that has sounds and is able to be used high-range, mid-range, and low-range.[1]

The Combat Knife remains largely unchanged between the prototype and retail versions of Resident Evil 2. The knife's menu icon and detail image appear to remain intact across all versions, and the in-game models stay the same.[2]


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  1. Elza's character model has no knife sheath until her armored models are used.
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