George Trevor is an architect who was responsible for designing the Spencer Mansion.[1]


Trevor was hired to design the mansion in the mid-1960s after receiving a special request from Lord Oswell E. Spencer.[1][3] Construction on the mansion was completed in July, 1967.[1] Three months later, Trevor received a written invitation from Spencer for he and his family to stay at the mansion.[1] Trevor gladly accepted the invitation and sent his wife, Jessica, and daughter, Lisa, ahead of him while he attended to some unfinished business.[4] Arriving later, Trevor is greeted by Spencer and attends dinner.[5] Spencer informs him that Jessica and Lisa had left to care for Trevor's aunt Emma who had suddenly fallen ill.[4][6] After spending two days at the mansion, Spencer gives Trevor a guided tour of the rooms and reveals plans to erect another building nearby to serve as a corporate resort facility.[7] After another day, Trevor's family has yet to return.[8] He becomes uneasy and finds several men in lab coats discussing a private matter with Spencer in the study.[8] One of the men later taunts Trevor over his family's situation and Trevor grills the man for answers with no success.[9] Trevor finally decides to leave the mansion after finding the same researcher's remains in the suspended ceiling room.[10] As he is walking out of the front door, he is beaten unconscious and trapped inside of the estate.[11] Spencer plans to use Trevor to test the effectiveness of the mansion's maze-like layout and traps.[11][12] He spends days trying to escape and ultimately dies, never knowing the true fate of his wife and daughter.[2]

Further notesEdit

  • Trevor's notes were originally left behind in various rooms in Resident Evil to help guide the player through the mansion's puzzles, while giving some backstory to the location itself. The notes were ultimately scrapped, but still exist in data found on the BIO HAZARD 15-minute demo. In addition, his notes were rewritten in the non-canon The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD novel and then later included in the 2002 remake of the original game.


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