HYPER PlayStation Re-mix was a Japanese gaming magazine dedicated to the Sony PlayStation. The publication ran between late-1994 to 2000. The magazine issues were routinely bundled with demo discs.


A number of HYPER PlayStation issues showcased Resident Evil 1.5 content, including trailers and archival footage from different builds.

February 1997Edit

This issue was most likely released in January 1997, with footage from what appears to be the December 1996 build. It also features information on the Resident Evil movie.

This issue came bundled with the "No.3" demo disc.


Can you hear the tragic song?

Biohazard 2: Elza Edition
Witness the fear of death on the included CD-ROM!

The CD-ROM included with this issue features a "Biohazard 2" movie; our gut-wrenching new release compiling several clips. Although it's just a movie, there's no doubt that you'll be able to fully experience the terrifying zombie's attacks. This latest footage is a must-see.

Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 1997
Retail Price: ¥5,800
Memory Card Capacity: TBD

"Biohazard 2"'s terrifying zombies

Just like the previous game, the player will run into these terrifying creatures. These repulsive and brutal creatures on-screen are the frightening undead—known as zombies—and they are the enemies fighting the protagonists in "Biohazard". If you happen to lay eyes on the zombies in "2", you're likely to feel so disgusted, you'll have to turn away from the screen. Their dreadful forms reach a new pinnacle of terror as their ominous presence drifts across the different stages of the game. This month, we're going to focus on these two--the zombies and the protagonist.

These images are of Elza, the female protagonist and the focus of this issue. The issue of Hyper PlayStation coming in February is Leon's issue, so please check it out!

Germany to produce a "Biohazard 1" film!

After its release earlier last year, "Biohazard" became an instant hit. Now that "Biohazard" has expanded into a series, Capcom has decided to team up with a German production company, Constantin Films, to produce a new live-action movie. Capcom has given the movie license to Constantin with production aiming for a potential late-'97 release. Monsters will be portrayed on film using CGI, which Capcom will help Constantin produce. The film is estimated to cost $16,200,000.[1]


The morgue

Even the resting place for the dead becomes a battleground against the zombies

Judging by the Office and the Chief's office, you'd think the stages in this game only use corporate locations, but that is not the case. Unlike the previous game's Gothic-style mansion, "Biohazard 2" is gradually developing a more modern style—as evidenced by everything we've seen so far—but the fear lingering within the player's subconscious after the previous game will be relived and amplified this time around. This morgue has become an incredibly striking example of that.

It seems that this facility is most likely within the police department. If that's the that case, this is supposed to be a resting place for the deceased. Even a sacred place like that is transformed into a battlefield in "Biohazard 2". Isn't the situation ironic, that instead of laying to rest, as the dead are expected to do here, they attack?

▶ A sacred place for the deceased. Elza's lost her way and turned up here; what do you think she'll end up seeing? It appears that the morgue is one area where you'll need a weapon.

▼ Because this is an area where corpses are kept, there's a high probability that the zombies will attack here. Despite that, Elza has set foot inside the room. What the heck is she in here for?

▶ The latest images shown here star the female protagonist, Elza.


Bodies burn in the hellfire
That was where Elza saw the zombies burning alive!!

We've already seen the ugly forms of the zombies in "Biohazard 2" which outdo those of the previous game. They shed their own blood in their last moments as humans, and are now completely stained in the blood sprayed by their victims, pushing the limits of terror that can be achieved. Production is quickly adding various details such as this.

Those details are shown in these two scenes. While the raging fire scorches their bodies, Elza still persistently attacks the zombies, even though their human shapes are already considerably damaged and will fall apart completely at some point. This kind of situation was obviously lacking in the last game, which makes you wonder how tough the zombies in this game must be to be able to take that kind of damage. Even when they're shot at and fumbling and can no longer walk, their zombie figures will still struggle to crawl across the floor to the warmth of a human body, creating an unforgettable hair-raising experience. Will you feel dissatisfied using a gun on them without knowing if their spirits pass on after they die?

The player's feelings of compassion and disgust will be drawn out from this production, and this seems to be only one part of the game. The game's development seems to go beyond imagination and exceed our expectations every time. With that in mind, I wonder what you'll do to cope in the mean time.

▶ The zombie's body was blown apart using the gun, but even so he keeps advancing forward. You could also see them crawl forward in the last game, but "Biohazard 2" marks the first time they're tough enough to crawl in this condition. The dead take residence inside of the police department, maintaining this sense of toughness...

▲▶ Even while their bodies are burning, they persistently follow the player because they're unable to feel any kind of fear. However, the topic of their spirit becomes the turning point of the story. Why has a raging fire broken out indoors? Is this area still inside of the police department? While there are only a few pictures here, they contain a new mystery.


The shooting range

▲▶ The shooting range has changed completely since it was last introduced. It seems that from now on, other visuals like this will continue to be refined as needed. They're perfecting every detail of the game's setting and working toward some new visuals in the process.

▲▶ It looks like the zombie dog's attacks will inflict a heavy amount of damage to the player. A unique action to this game is that shutters and such can be used against enemies, but they will be able to fight their way through.

Zombie Dogs

How can Elza escape being attacked by a pack of zombie dogs?

Previously, we've showcased images of Leon in this shooting range, but it looks much different now as production has moved forward. This is only one of the areas with revamped graphics we're able to share at the moment. The visuals in "Biohazard 2" are being upgraded to a higher quality than ever before, which has to take a lot of hard work and attention to detail to complete. Naturally, in order to generate the most panic, that level of detail is needed to blend features such as traps into the environment. You can sense the staff's determination.

One zombie variation from the last game makes a comeback as the "Zombie Dog", which all of you can see here. Players will remember these violent dogs, with bits of skeleton exposed through decomposing flesh, forcing them into some close calls in the last game. So, what will the Zombie Dogs be like this time around? They aren't any tougher or stronger than before, but...

Now that you're anticipating it, what sorts of creatures do you think we'll see next? We only saw a handful of the creatures in "Biohazard" before the game launched and we could see the rest. Even though we've only seen zombie creatures so far, you have to take into consideration that there are different kinds of victims of the outbreak aside from the police. It's strangely entertaining to think about.

The CD-ROM included in this issue is a must-see!!

Just like the last issue, this issue's CD-ROM also compiles the latest "Biohazard 2" footage together. There's zombies attacking after being cut in half, zombies attacking while they're caught on fire, gigantic spiders, and a demo of the game over screen. Even though it's just a movie, the zombies will still consume you with fear. The awesome content in the movie makes it a must-see.






































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