The Hand Grenade is a weapon in the Resident Evil 2 prototype.[1]


The grenades take up one block of inventory space. Grenades are used by themselves.[1]

The grenades can be thrown at the three different targeting heights and detonate after approximately 3 seconds. They can deal massive damage if aimed and timed correctly. If Leon is standing too close to a grenade when it detonates, he will die instantly.[1][2]


The origin of the grenades is unknown.

Further notesEdit

  • As of the November 1996 build, the Hand Grenades have been implemented and can be used. However, they cannot be combined and will only cause damage to Leon.
  • The name of the Hand Grenades in Japanese appears to be missing one Kanji character. It should read "Hand Grenade" (手投げ弾 tenagedan?).
  • The Hand Grenades were cut from the retail version of Resident Evil 2, but were later implemented in Resident Evil 4.


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