Hideki Kamiya was the director and scenario writer of Resident Evil 1.5.


Development of Resident Evil 1.5Edit

In 1996, Kamiya began working on 1.5 as director and scenario writer. He oversaw the entire staff of the game and developed the plot of the game. He also developed the personalities of the main cast, working alongside Isao Ōishi who had designed the characters and given them some background.[1]

During development on the game, Kamiya was under a massive amount of stress and resorted to drinking alcohol regularly.

In 1997, Noboru Sugimura was hired to overlook and revise the game's script. He worked with all of the members of staff and concluded that Kamiya's script had to be scrapped and the whole team had to start over on the same page. Kamiya did not oppose this decision and began working alongside Sugimura on the retail version of the game.

Later workEdit

While still at Capcom, Kamiya went on to develop Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4.

He has very negative feelings toward 1.5 and often ends up frustrated toward those who ask him excessive questions over social media.


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