Materials without sources refer to publications using official information or footage related to Resident Evil or Resident Evil 1.5 with no known sources. This article is a collection of these materials.


During the course of development on 1.5, the majority of information on the game could be found within several magazine publications. Over the years, a number of these magazine articles have been distributed online and have not retained their original sources. However, the information provided in these articles is still crucial to understanding the game's development.

Unknown Japanese article (1)Edit

This article appears to have been written shortly after 1.5 was unveiled at the "V-Jump V-Fest". It is one of the few sources to use Leon's full name.

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Leon Scott Kennedy

The new leading characters, a rookie officer and a female rider

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Elza Walker

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Main Entrance

It's time to plan an escape or die! The game is set at the city's police department.
Raccoon Police Department

Even the stronghold of justice is powerless against the undead army!

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Rooms & Halls


The Morgue

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Leon Scott Kennedy


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Elza Walker

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Main Entrance



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Rooms & Halls


The Morgue

Unknown Japanese article (2)Edit

This article appears to have been written shortly after 1.5 was unveiled at the "V-Jump V-Fest". Leon's full name is used and the article explores the plot and gameplay additions.


A brand new terror strikes Raccoon City!

Biohazard 2
Genre: Survival Horror
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: TBD
Retail Price: TBD
Memory Card Capacity: TBD

A stunning update to gameplay

The well-received gameplay from the first "Biohazard" undergoes vast improvements in its sequel, "Biohazard 2". In this issue, we'll be showcasing these developments in detail using information we've obtained straight from the source.

Like the previous game, the story is set in Raccoon City and the player can choose between a male or female protagonist. Although these aspects were already implemented in the previous game, there was no need to change them in "2". So what exactly is being changed in "2", then?

To start with, check out all of the images we've added on the page. The scene shows the protagonist being surrounded by police officers who have mutated into zombies. Using cinematic techniques to build the atmosphere of the game, a larger number of zombies can find the protagonist and actively pursue him from different camera angles.

In addition, the way enemies appear has also evolved. In the previous game, jump scares were the main method of introducing enemies. This time, jump scares are still used, but the maximum number of enemies introduced per scene have increased. With that to consider, it seems that the elements of psychological horror within the game will be sure to keep players on the edge of their seat. What's more, enemies move faster and possess unique traits and behavior, forcing players to find new means of escape.

Also, a "Costume Change System" has been implemented (which we'll explain later) and there's a brand new story you'll want to check out.

Several new sounds have been added to gameplay, making this entry much less quiet overall. As of now, only a number of basic enemy grunts and growls have been added, but it gives a small taste of what the game can be capable of as it evolves. What's most interesting in that regard is all of the changes shown on-screen. The visuals in the game pack a punch, truly bringing the developer's concept to life.

Surprisingly, this is the same scene shown from different angles. This is the result of research on films, which is then compiled and used to recreate the same experience in-game. This level of detail is maintained in perfecting the protagonist's movements from each angle.


Name: Leon Scott Kennedy (Leon S. Kennedy)
Age: 23
Blood type: B
Biography: A rookie officer assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department. At a glance, he's attractive and suave. He trains hard to maintain his fit body, but his lack of experience as an officer presents a weakness.

Name: Elza Walker
Age: 19
Blood type: AB
Biography: A vivacious young woman with a love of motorcycles. As a result of her enrollment at Raccoon University, she's confronted by the incident within the city. She's a skilled racer with a calm yet competitive personality.

A "Costume Change System" has been implemented

The way the previous game implemented item and weapon pickups within the mansion receives an upgrade in "2" with the "Costume Change System". In this game, the way the protagonists equip items affects their on-screen appearance. However, their appearance isn't all that changes; the system also affects gameplay attributes.

For instance, if the protagonist puts a jacket on, they get additional pockets to carry items in. Naturally, these changes also apply to defensive strength. The protagonist's defense increases upon equipping the jacket, giving the player some peace of mind.

On the other hand, if the protagonist wears a thin shirt, the tactical advantage is so minor that the player will stay on edge.

This groundbreaking system uses top-notch visuals to create a greater impact on the player's psyche.

Also... torn clothing loses its defensive strength. These kinds of developments can be expected in gameplay.

At any rate, it definitely seems that the "Costume Change System" will play a large role in "Biohazard 2".

From motorcycle racer to combatant...

July 25th, early dawn. The missing S.T.A.R.S. officers finally made contact with Alpha Team's helicopter and returned to the city. In need of medical attention due to their weakened state, they were immediately admitted to the police hospital before being transported to the state general hospital. In the surviving officers' reports, they claimed to have discovered a laboratory underneath a mansion in the forest. Clues found at the location revealed that the land was owned by the major pharmaceutical company, Umbrella. Their investigation uncovered countless pieces of evidence exposing Umbrella's true focus on biological weapons research and development and their use of live test subjects. The case was known as the "Umbrella Incident" and resulted in the company being charged for its actions, placing a ban on all operations within Umbrella facilities and excusing a series of mass arrests.

However, it's already too late—nobody is aware of the darkness lurking in the depths as the second bio-hazardous outbreak begins to unfold. Only two months after the explosion in the forest, an overwhelming number of zombies are wandering around Raccoon City, transforming the town into a city of the dead.

Located in the center of town is the Raccoon Police Department. The situation here is no exception; the zombies have attacked the station, preventing the police from functioning. The police officers have barricaded themselves in a room on the top floor of the precinct to survive the zombie attack. But now, the zombies are closing in from all over town! It's only a matter of time...

Leon comes up with a plan to ensure his own survival and walks out of the only safe haven within the precinct. At the same time, a motorcycle crashes through the front doors of the station and bursts into the lobby. The figure of a woman can be seen in the wreckage—her name is Elza. She's been trying to find a way to survive on her own, as well.

A new approach to cinematic elements

To date, a number of Capcom releases have introduced cinematic elements. One notable example is the Horror-Adventure game on Famicom, "Sweet Home", which was based on the movie of the same name. Even now, the game is highly valued.

"Biohazard" has also adopted and refined these cinematic elements, essentially giving the game the same atmosphere as a real film. With the experience gained from that project, and with the abilities of the creators and the hardware finally matching up, this next game will likely be incredible.

This is a concept image used to create the background seen in-game. It evokes a strong sense of fear and dread.













Leon Scott Kennedy
Age: 23
Blood type: B

Name: エルザ・ウォーカー
Elza Walker
Age: 19
Blood type:AB