Noboru Sugimura (杉村 升 Sugimura Noboru?, June 28, 1948 - February 27, 2005) was a Japanese screenwriter who worked on various television series and video games. Sugimura passed away at the age of 56 from an unspecified heart condition.


When the 1.5 build of Resident Evil 2 was officially delayed in January 1997, Capcom's supervisor to the game, Yoshiko Okamoto, insisted that a professional screenwriter be hired to edit Hideki Kamiya's screenplay, Okamoto and Producer Shinji Mikami believing it to be of poor quality. Sugimura initially had trouble understanding the script of the game, as each developer had a different idea of what was happening in the plot with no single, official planning document in existence at the time.[1] When Sugimura examined the script, he eventually reached the conclusion that there were too many problems in the plot to simply patch over. In addition, after researching the first game, he found that 1.5 had strayed too far from the tone of the series.[1] Finally, he insisted that the entire plot--story and script--be re-written, offering to do the job himself.[1][excerpt 1][excerpt 2][excerpt 3]

In February 1997, Resident Evil 2 was given a new release date and by March, development on the final build of the game began.[2]


  1. Excerpt from The PlayStation (June 1998) Developer Interview:
    "Kamiya: We had Sugimura, a professional screenwriter, take a look at the completed scenarios from 1.5. That was actually his first point of contact with the development. Anyway, when he read them, he said “You should probably re-write these again.” Resident Evil 1.5 was actually about 70% complete then… (laughs)"
  2. Excerpt from The PlayStation (June 1998) Developer Interview:
    "Sugimura: Before I joined the development, there was no single, official planning document for the different scenarios. It was therefore very hard to understand the script, and each developer had their own idea about what was happening, with no shared consensus. So I got the team to come together in unifying and creating a single document that they could all get behind. If you don’t do that, you won’t end up with a good game."
  3. Excerpt from The PlayStation (June 1998) Developer Interview:
    "Sugimura: It was all too realistic. The ominous atmosphere from the first game, as represented in things like the Spencer Mansion itself, the armor room, key items like the jewelry box and gemstones… all that had been removed. The Police Station, too, had been changed to a very modern building. As a result, everything felt too modern and strangely sterile. “This doesn’t feel like Resident Evil…” Of course, wiping the slate clean and going back to zero on a project that’s already 70% complete is no mean feat, and in that sense, I think it was a very brave move on the part of the developers."
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