Opening Cinematic and Cast Roll (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.


July 1998, Raccoon Forest: S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team's helicopter is flying over the area. Chris Redfield narrates their search for Bravo Team, who went missing shortly after launching an investigation into the recent murders in the area. Chris recalls the nature of the reports, which consisted of several ongoing serial killings that were cannibalistic in nature. Jill Valentine spots a smoke trail in the forest and alerts Chris. The team lands and investigates the area, finding Bravo Team's helicopter and most of their equipment. The team searches for further clues when Joseph Frost finds a beretta on the ground. Lifting it, he finds a severed hand attached. He screams out, alerting the Ceberi in the forest. His team mates focus on him in time to see him viciously attacked by the dogs. They open fire, but it is too late—Joseph is dead. In the midst of this, Brad Vickers panics and flies away with the helicopter, leaving the team stranded. They run toward a mansion in the distance while continuing to fire at the dogs. Somehow, they manage to get inside.


1998 JULY
Raccoon Forest

CHRIS: Alpha Team is flying around the forest zone situated in Northwest Raccoon City. Where we're searching for the helicopter of our compatriots Bravo Team, who disappeared during the middle of our mission.

CHRIS: Bizarre murder cases have recently occurred in Raccoon City. There are outlandish reports of families being attacked by a group of about ten people. Victims, were apparently eaten. Bravo Team went to the hideout of the group... and disappeared.

JILL: Look Chris!

CHRIS: It was Bravo Team's helicopter, nobody was in it. But strangely, most of the equipment was still there. However, we soon discovered why.

JOSEPH: Hey! Come here!

CHRIS: No! Don't go!
Jill, run for that house!

CHRIS: There are only three S.T.A.R.S. members left now. Captain Wesker, Jill, and myself. We don't know where Barry is.

1998年 7月 ラクーン森林地帯

クリス: 俺達S.T.A.R.S.アルファチームはある作戦途中で消息を絶った―

クリス: 最近このラクーンで 奇妙な

ジル: 見て クリス!

クリス: 墜落したブラヴォーチームのヘリの中には隊員の姿はなく

ジョセフ: おい 来てくれ

クリス: ここだ 戻ってこい!
ジル あの館まで走れ!

クリス: 何とか館にたどり着いたのは
隊長ウェスカー ジル 俺の三人

Further notesEdit

  • Only Chris' opening uses the full video. Jill's skips Chris' monologue of the team entering the mansion, going straight to the cast roll instead.
  • The scene was censored in international releases of the game. Chris' recollection of events uses newspaper images instead of footage of the dead. Later, Edward Dewey's hand was freeze-framed just before the severed part could be seen. Likewise, Joseph's death scene was heavily edited to remove all violence. Finally, Chris' portion of the cast roll is censored to remove references to smoking tobacco. Instead, color footage from the opening scene is shown. The cut footage spans approximately 19 seconds.


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