The Pipe is a weapon in the Resident Evil 2 prototype.[1]


This weapon is listed after the Combat Knife in the item data on the November 1996 build.[1] The weapon can be equipped by using debug features in the game, but has no working animation or in-game model.[1]

Further notesEdit

  • There is a possibility that the Pipe was used by Elza Walker as a Standard Arm prior to obtaining the knife.[note 1]
  • The Pipe was cut from the retail version of Resident Evil 2, but was later reused as a melee weapon in Resident Evil Outbreak.


  1. Given that the Pipe is listed before any firearms, as the Combat Knife is, it is safe to assume that it would likely be listed in the "Standard Arms" section. Also, unlike Leon, Elza's model has no holster for the Combat Knife until she receives the R.P.D. or U.S.S. armor upgrades. Therefore, the Pipe is a likely candidate for a makeshift melee weapon.
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