Roy was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department that appeared in the beta of Resident Evil 2, also known as Resident Evil 2 prototype. But by being recreating the game from scratch he was discarded and does not appear in the final version.  

Biography Edit

Before the events of Resident Evil 2 Prototype, Roy had entered the RPD service just before Leon. Making him over Leon S. Kennedy as his superior officer.

Appearance Edit

Roy has short brown hair with bangs to the side. His eyes appear to be brown and always seen wearing glasses in his concept art. Off-duty in a concept art, he wears a blue long round neck jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath. [1]

Resident Evil 1.5 Edit

After the viral outbreak of Raccoon City , Roy stays at the police station with a few surviving policemen but then the entire enclosure is invaded by zombies and one of them bites and infects Roy. Roy was infected a little before Elza Walker arrived. 

His friend John finds him transforming into a zombie and he pressures John to kill him before the complete spread, John refuses at the beginning, Elza sees this confronting John that his friend wasn't Roy anymore, but in the end he ends up killing him and he mourning the death of his friend. 

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Further Notes Edit

  • A popular belief is that Roy's name was at one point "DJ" to many fans. This is an error due to a character sheet where his name in Japanese, roi ("ロイ"?), is handwritten and appears similarly to the roman letters "DJ". 
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