Team IGAS is a team collaborating with Loboto 3 on the Resident Evil 2 Prototype restoration project.[2]


Team IGAS had released a series of teaser videos in late-2013, hinting that the restoration project was in development.[3] On February 17, 2013, the team had released their most current build of the project to the public.[4][excerpt 1] In the two years that followed, the team had posted regular updates to the project via gameplay images and video.[3][5]

In 2015, Team IGAS partnered with Loboto 3 and development on the restoration project was carried over to the Squeeze Bomb engine.[6][7] Their first demo of the project featured the new minigame, Battle Coliseum.[7]


Team member MrBZork's YouTube channel features teaser footage and Developer Commentary from the previous stage of the restoration project, as well as major updates to the current stage of development.


  1. Excerpt from B.Zork's post,
    "It was a tough decision to make, due to the uncertainty of what lies ahead in terms of releasing this build, but we ultimately decided to [...] wrap it up so it can run in normal emulators and on real hardware, and release it to the public - to avoid further misuse and misrepresentation of its content."
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